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iPhone Best Apps - Flip1Coin

iPhone Best Apps Flip1Coin lets you choose between 8 different coins and randomly toss the selected model. It is available on iTunes Store for 0.99 cents.

Coin Flip iPhone App Review

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Coin Flip App Review

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CoinFlip Review for iPod Touch/iPhone

Coin Flip Appstore Free 10/10.

iPhone App Store - iHourglass

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Top 15 favorite Iphone/Ipod Touch apps

These are my top 15 favorite Iphone or Ipod Touch apps...this is my first vid so be aware =). Thanks.

iPhone App - TossUp - Coin Flip Tech Demo

This is an in progress demo of our new iPhone application, TossUp. Unlike other coin flipping apps, TossUp utilizes a realistic physics system to give the user ...

Heads Tails ver. 1.8.8 Demo Video

The BEST and most BEAUTIFUL coin app for the iPhone! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heads-tails/id303183201?mt=8 ENTER TO WIN $40! - Enter to win a ...

Iphone Best Apps - Tangramon

Tangramon. A Tan Gram game for the iPhone. This is how it looks on the iPhone simulator. It is available in the iTunes Store for $2.99.

iPhone application. The coin tossing simulator

Application makes use of the iPhones capabilities as follows: Accelerometer in coin flip mode Touchscreen to enable to coin to be moved around and flipped ...